Lowering the volume of assets of companies before their entry into insolvency proceedings

The study concerns the significance and validity of the information available in the area of
insolvency proceedings in the Czech Republic, including data made public by multinational
institutions. On the basis of these data, two conclusions are reached. Firstly, relevant
statistical figures are available only in relation to the introductory phases of insolvency
proceedings. Thanks to the existence of the insolvency register, this area is covered in very
high quality; it can therefore be said that the present statistical system is basically essentially
sufficient as regards information on insolvency proposals and the manner in which these
proposals are handled. The main problem, however, is presented by all other phases of
insolvency proceedings about which we have practically no information whatsoever. But it
can be deduced from the data that is available that the main problem of insolvency
proceedings in the Czech Republic is the fact that businesses entering into the phase of
bankruptcy have already been emptied in the vast majority of cases and their assets are not
sufficient to finance even standard insolvency proceedings. The work also contains certain
proposals in the area of legislative changes, which could lead to a gradual change in this

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