Beyond 2050: The New Economy Turning Old

The study examines the influence that demographic changes, which may be
expected to take place in developed countries over the next several decades, will
have on the development of some economic factors. The most important
demographic shifts include potential changes in the number of inhabitants of
developed countries as well as changes in the ratio of people in the productive age to
those in the post-productive age. The work addresses some issues that may arise in
the economy as a result of the expected situation, with special focus on analyses of
some traditional topics (such as implications for the pension and healthcare systems)
as well as of those less apparent (e.g. influence on industrial production). Using the
specific example of the Czech Republic, the study elaborates on some aspects, such
as knowledge transfer in relation to the expected influx of labour from less developed
countries. In this respect, the burden on the system of education that should be able
to provide immigrants with sufficient education is also discussed.

Beyond 2050 2011 Fullpaper
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Beyond 2050 2011 Slides
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