Obstacles to the development of tourism in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a country that shows substantial potential in the field of tourism; nevertheless,
statistical data for the past decade are a convincing proof that this potential has not been used to the fullest.
Some aspects are clearly visible that have had a long-term negative effect on this segment and that can be
blamed for the stagnating or even slightly shrinking contribution of the segment to the gross domestic product of
the Czech Republic. Given the complexity of tourism as an industry and the number of factors at play, it is far
from easy to discriminate the individual aspects of the situation and define their contribution to the general
development. Therefore, this paper aims to analyse the impacts of the development of the national currency’s
exchange rate to key global currencies, the effects of the economic cycle in the countries with the highest
number of incoming and outgoing tourists on the results of tourism as a segment, and the relationship between
the development of Czech economy and the development of tourism, with the authors interpreting some changes
as effects of the increasing share of shadow economy in tourism.

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